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Doug delivers almost a hundred stories each year to television stations around the country. We cover soldiers based all across the United States.

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172nd Stryker Brigade, 4-23 Infantry, Mosul, Iraq; November 2005

172nd Stryder Brigade, 4-23 Infantry, Baghdad, Iraq; November 2006


142 Field Artillery, Kuwait; November 2006

875 Engineers, Baghdad, Iraq; November 2006


1-133 Infantry, Al Asad, Iraq; May 2005

1-133 Infantry, Al Asad, Iraq; November 2006


Charlie Company, 155th Infantry, Mississippi National Guard, near Iskandariyah, Iraq; May 2005

New Hampshire

Charlie Company, 172nd Infantry, New Hampshire National Guard, Balad, Iraq; January 2005

1159th Aviation (Medical), New Hampshire National Guard, Camp Speicher, Iraq; August 2005

New York

10th Mountain Division, Bravo Co 2-87 Infantry, Bermel, Afghanistan; August 2006

10th Mountain Division, 3-10 Aviation Brigade, Eastern Afghanistan; September 2006


Apache Troop, 278th Armored Cavalry, Tennessee National Guard, near Balad Rus, Iraq: July 2005

Troop G, 278th Armored Cavalry, Tennessee National Guard, near Balad Rus Iraq, July 2005


222nd Field Artillery Battalion, Utah National Guard, Ramadi, Iraq; January 2006


Bravo Company, 172nd Armor, Vermont National Guard, near Najaf, Iraq; May 2005

131 Engineers, Baghdad, Iraq; November 2006

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Highway Patrol, outside Ramadi Iraq, 2006
The Utah National Guard. Highway search for IEDs.

Humvee Crew, Balad Iraq, 2005
New Hampshire National Guard near Balad. IED attack.

Guarding Camp Ramadi, Ramadi Iraq, 2006
Utah National Guard on the edge of Ramadi. Insurgents take pot-shots.

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