Some of Doug's photos from Iraq


This program follows American and coalition soldiers as they fight the war on terror.

A soldier with Iraqi children. Tank patrol in Iraq. A soldier on watch in Iraq. Tanks on desert patrol in Iraq.

We see them on missions and at their bases, showing what life is like for the soldiers and chronicling the experience of being on the front line of the war.

This program will offer an exciting and visually arresting peek into the lives of soldiers, and will offer viewers an unprecedented look into the workings of the war on terror, and into the daily experiences of the soldiers fighting it.

Each half-hour program is split into three different sections, divided by commercial breaks.

"Troops" program:

Troops Ramadi Patrol

Troops Night Raid

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Highway Patrol, outside Ramadi Iraq, 2006
The Utah National Guard. Highway search for IEDs.

Humvee Crew, Balad Iraq, 2005
New Hampshire National Guard near Balad. IED attack.

Guarding Camp Ramadi, Ramadi Iraq, 2006
Utah National Guard on the edge of Ramadi. Insurgents take pot-shots.

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