Some of Doug's photos from Iraq

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On alert at the front.

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Available units now on DVD:

» 1-133rd Infantry, Al Asad, Iraq

(May and November 2006. Six stories aired on KCRG - plus extra video.)

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» 4-23 Infantry, 172nd Stryker Brigade in Mosul and Baghdad

(November 2005, November 2006. Ten stories aired on KTUU - plus extra video)

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Highway Patrol, outside Ramadi Iraq, 2006
The Utah National Guard. Highway search for IEDs.

Humvee Crew, Balad Iraq, 2005
New Hampshire National Guard near Balad. IED attack.

Guarding Camp Ramadi, Ramadi Iraq, 2006
Utah National Guard on the edge of Ramadi. Insurgents take pot-shots.

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