Some of Doug's photos from Iraq

Doug Grindle:
Reporting Worldwide Conflict

Doug Grindle

Doug is an embedded reporter, cameraman and photographer covering military operations against terrorism.

Doug has covered conflicts in Iraq (Baghdad, Mosul, Ramadi, Al Asad and a dozen more cities and towns) and Afghanistan (Kabul, Herat, Gardez, the Pakistan border and others).

He goes where the soldiers go - in the mountains, villages and city streets. He has also covered hunting landmines in Cambodia.

Over the past two years Doug has filed over 175 stories from Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Doug covers war news for both print and broadcast. Typical stories include patrols, hunting for roadside bombs, and following soldiers on raids. He does front-line war reporting.

Doug uses digital media for both still photography and video. He shoots news reports on DVCPro and HDV and edits on Avid.

A Typical Trip to Iraq

Doug spends up to 8 weeks away on each trip.

On a typical trip to Iraq he will cover units from a number of American states stationed in up to six cities and towns. For instance, one trip to Iraq might cover:

  • Baghdad
  • Ramadi
  • Mosul
  • Tallil
  • Balad
  • Camp Q-West

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Highway Patrol, outside Ramadi Iraq, 2006
The Utah National Guard. Highway search for IEDs.

Humvee Crew, Balad Iraq, 2005
New Hampshire National Guard near Balad. IED attack.

Guarding Camp Ramadi, Ramadi Iraq, 2006
Utah National Guard on the edge of Ramadi. Insurgents take pot-shots.

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